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Koalo Guidelines

  • Stay Relevant and Respectful: Please refrain from spamming or straying too far off-topic. Our discussions are for the entire Koalo community, fostering an environment where everyone can learn and develop together.

  • Zero Tolerance for Hate: We have a strict policy against trolling, hate speech, or bullying. Respectful interaction is key; challenge ideas, not individuals. Any form of direct attack or discriminatory behavior, including racism, sexism, ableism, or ageism, will not be tolerated.

  • Engage Meaningfully: Engage in purposeful and meaningful discussions. Treat others online with the same respect and courtesy you would in real-life interactions. Before posting a comment, consider whether you would feel comfortable saying it face-to-face.

  • Encourage Quality Content: Help maintain a high standard of content by rating responses and actively participating in discussions. Your contribution plays a crucial role in creating a valuable experience for all members of the Koalo community.

Code of Conduct

We've established this code of conduct to uphold the respect and civility that defines our Koalo community. A clear set of guidelines allows us to maintain our culture and make adjustments if needed.

For Those Seeking Knowledge:

  • Keep your questions concise and focused to facilitate easy answering.

  • Respect the time and effort others put into answering your queries.For Those Sharing Knowledge:

  • Be patient and welcoming when assisting others.

  • Provide support to those in need and explain concepts in a simple and structured manner.

Respectful Feedback:

  • Offer constructive feedback in a respectful manner.

  • Be open to receiving feedback graciously.

Enriching Discussions:

  • Engage in discussions with meaningful contributions.

  • Embrace constructive criticism as it encourages growth.

  • Use comments on Koalo to share substantial and authentic insights.

Fair Rating System:

  • Rate comments, posts, questions, and answers within the 0-10 scale appropriately.

  • Provide constructive feedback along with a rating if necessary.Inclusivity and Respect:

  • Be mindful of jokes and sarcasm as tone can be misconstrued online.

  • Use gender-neutral language when unsure and maintain inclusivity.

  • Avoid subtle offenses, name-calling, or personal attacks.

Content Focus:

  • Concentrate on discussing content rather than targeting individuals.

  • Refrain from using terms that may feel personal, even in a content-related contex 

Zero Tolerance Policy:

  • Koalo does not tolerate expressions or terms that insult or belittle individuals based on ethnicity, origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or knowledge level.

  • Harassment, including sexual innuendo, intimidation, bullying, and threats, is strictly prohibited.


When using Koalo, you are expected to abide by these guidelines and our Terms of Use. As an integral part of this community, we rely on you to ensure that fellow Koalo users adhere to our Code of Conduct. If you have any suggestions for additions to our Code of Conduct, kindly inform us via email. Should you observe any violations, please report such behavior to us.

We treat your reports with utmost seriousness. Individuals who knowingly fail to adhere to the Code of Conduct will face consequences determined by our moderation team, following these three steps:

  1. Warning:

    • For most initial infractions, moderators will promptly remove the offending content and issue a warning.

    • This warning serves as an opportunity for the user to adjust their behavior.

    • Failure to comply with the warning will lead to account suspension or deletion.

  2. Account Blocking:

    • In cases of repeated misconduct involving harassment, bigotry, sexism, fascism, bullying, body-shaming, homophobia, hatred, false defamation, spreading fake news, or abuse, moderators will implement a temporary, short, or long-term account suspension.

  3. Exclusion from Account:

    • If a user continues to disregard warnings or engages in repeated misconduct, moderators will delete the user account and block any new registrations from that user.

We anticipate fostering a positive, educational exchange of knowledge and experiences on Koalo. Let's grow wiser together!

The Koalo Team

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